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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Annual Percentage Rate of 0% APR for 18 months from the date of transfer. Balance transfers must be applied for by 11/26/14. After the 18 month period ends, the standard APR will be applied to unpaid balances. 0% APR does NOT apply to purchases or cash advances. Subject to change without notice. The fee for the transfer is 2% or $5 whichever is greater. The APR does not include the fee for the balance transfer. Additional limitations, terms and conditions may apply.

Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions:

If you transfer another credit card or loan balance to your CCU Credit Card, the following additional terms are applicable:
1) You may transfer any amount up to your approved credit line. Any amount currently subject to a billing dispute should not be transferred since the transfer may jeopardize your dispute rights. CCU shall not have any liability for not transferring balances that exceed your credit line. The payment and transfer of balances are contingent uponapproval by CCU, and receipt of complete and legible balance transfer coupons. All balance transfers must be requested using our approved Balance Transfer forms.

2) CCU will not process a request to transfer balances from another account or loan you have with CCU. Transfer requests to cash or yourself cannot be processed.

3) Transfer requests will be processed in the order requested up to your credit line. If a specific request causes your total amount requested to exceed your assigned credit line, that request will not be processed. Any subsequent transfer request that can be covered by the remaining credit line will be accommodated. Partial transfer request amounts will not be processed. No further notification will be provided for amounts not transferred. You should continue to monitor your accounts.

4) You should CONTINUE TO PAY THE MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS ue on your account balances until the transferred balances are credited to the accounts, which may be after the balance appears on your new credit card statement from us. Please allow up to 8 weeks for balances to be transferred.You are liable for any interest accruing from the date you request your balance transferred and the actual transfer date.

5) CCU does not automatically close your other credit card or loan accounts. To close any of the accounts listed on the Balance Transfer form, you must notify the Issuer in writing.

6) CCU does not assume responsibility for any late payments, finance charges or disputed amount on your account thatyou are transferring from other issuers.

7) Request to stop payments on Balance Transfer forms issued by CCU shall not be honored unless the form has been stolen, lost or destroyed. In such cases, we shall issue a replacement Balance Transfer form only if you agree to indemnify CCU for any damages and obtain a surety bond in the amount of the first balance transfer.

8) CCU reserves the right to reject or return Balance Transfers Forms if your account is past due or closed or you have previously exceeded your credit limit.

9) CCU may reject or return balance transfers if they are used to pay a subsidiary of CCU account.

10) You cannot use any other Balance Transfer Forms to take advantage of this special offer.